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Removing Product code from product description ** Resolved **


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V6 Mican template

I'm trying to prevent the product code from displaying on the product description page. I've found it in content.product.php, (well actually  I clearly haven't!) because if I comment it out it or delete it. the product ID is still displayed.

Line 59      <p><strong>{$LANG.catalogue.product_code}:</strong> {$PRODUCT.product_code}</p>

Any offers of help out there? I'm clearli barking loudly up the wrong tree!

I'm then moving on to what appears to be the achilles heel of CC and that is ex VAT vs Inc VAT prices - I've downloaded the plugin, but I'm not looking forward to all of the that it'll need.

Thanks in advance.



Apologies - this should be in templates & skins, but I can't delete it and re-post.

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When making changes to skin template files, we recommend that CubeCart's Cache be disabled (admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab). This forces CubeCart to always re-render templates - thus changes are immediately seen.

If the cache is already disabled, then we need to think about the possibility your hosting provider is doing some sort of caching of its own.

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I'm then moving on to what appears to be the achilles heel of CC and that is ex VAT vs Inc VAT prices - I've downloaded the plugin, but I'm not looking forward to all of the that it'll neeD

Agreed that this should be core functionality in CC but for some strange reason, it never has been.  There was a mod for V4 and the plugin from @Noodleman for V6 but if you are VAT registered and sell to consumers or export your products to Google Merchant services, then this plugin is effectively mandatory.  We have used / recommended the V6 plugin for many sites and it works extremely well and isn't so difficult to implement - we even have the skin changes built into our Retail Therapy skin so that if you use the module, it simply works out of the box !

As an aside, you should consider not using Mican as it is a skin designed for V5 and isn't being maintained or upgraded for V6 and you also don't have any mobile responsive features which you would have with a Foundation based skin.  Google have a stated "mobile first" policy, so not having a responsive skin will provide your mobile visitors with a worse experience which is why Google are penalizing sites in rankings with them.  Also ensure you use a SSL across the whole site - again, sites without are suffering in the rankings and Google have now started putting very bold "Insecure Site" messages for those not using a SSL


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Thanks for the input Ian, that's very useful insight.

TBH I have considered ditching the Mican theme for the reasons you point out, but at the moment it's a case of playing with CC to try and get familiar with it. It won't be live for a few months yet - thankfully my Actinic site remains rock solid and stable, but I know it won't be in a few years time.

The SSL issue will also be addressed when it goes live, at the moment I am having to develop CC behind the scenes alongside the Actinic site and a Vbulletin forum and don't want to upset the them. A server and domain move once CC is ready will provide the SSL required.

Frankly the VAT capability in CC is appalling, I've got the plugin but I've had to contact Noodleman because for some reason I can't get it to play nicely.  Then I can move on and start to explore the postage tables! (We ship worldwide) That'll be fun!

Fundamentally I'm really impressed with CC, but my lack of understanding of CSS and php is limiting my progress, so I'm undertaking two journeys at the same time.

Thanks for the support.


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