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[Resolved] Blank screen and security issues on new install


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I've done a new install on a clean LAMP server, but have a couple of problems with the store once installation is complete. 

The main store window is blank; I just see a blank white screen. The back end work fine - on some browsers. 

I edited debug.class.php to display error messages by setting ini_set('display_errors', true) but no text is displayed. I can get into the back end on my Firefox browser, but IE and Chrome give me a strange error... 

Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) or browser back button used.

When I do log on, everything in the back end is fine. 

Can anybody help please?


    Linux Version: 4.12.8
    PHP Version : 7.1.8
    Apache Version : 2.4.27
    CubeCart Version : 6.1.8
    MySql Version: 5.0.12

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Aha! I have found the error...

Looking at the System Error Log, it seems I get the following error every time I try to access the site...



[Exception] /usr/share/webapps/CubeCart/classes/gd.class.php:107 - Call to undefined function imagecreatefrompng()

Has anyone seen this before?


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  • T1800 changed the title to [Resolved] Blank screen and security issues on new install

I found the issue... whilst I had enabled the php-gd extension in my php.ini file, I did not actually have the php-gd package installed. As an Arch Linux user, this is fixed with..

#pacman -S php-gd

#systemctl restart httpd

All Done!

I've reported two issues in this one thread, which is rather silly. I'll [Resolve] this one and open a fresh one for the other issue.

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