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Upgraded to 6.1.10 and getting blank screen


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From what I see in the error_log, Notices will not cause a blank screen. Fatal Errors do.

And, since all the errors that were logged show UTC times, that tells me those errors are being logged before CubeCart has a chance to inform PHP of the actual timezone to use (America/NewYork, for example).

One thing I have seen is that, if Smarty has a Fatal Error in rendering a template, finding the error can be difficult. So, if you can log in to the admin side of the store, look at the System Error Log to see if any other entries are there.


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You are assuming there might be some residue from CC6110 (or an installed plugin's hook) that the act of restoring the files backup did not eliminate?

If that's true, then completely emptying the folder where CubeCart is installed, THEN restoring from the backup (obviously not using CubeCart) may be the solution you are thinking of.

Personally, I would still try to find out what is causing the white screen.Maybe your hosting provider would have a better way of finding what causes PHP (or something) to crash.

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