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Anyone willing to co-sponsor development of Square payment gateway?

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Square processes credit cards for less than Paypal, provides charge-back protection up to $250 per month, automatically deposits your payments received to your bank account in 1 or 2 business days, and charges no monthly fees.  Overall, I think they are a better payment processor than Paypal.  If you want to check them out, here's their website address: https://squareup.com/

I recently emailed Cubecart Sales requesting  a rough estimate on what it would take to integrate Square's payment APIs into Cubecart.  He responded as follows.

*** Removed by admin ***

I'd like to see Square implemented to look and act just like Paypal Pro does.  I'm sure this would cost more than the simple integration Al quoted.   The more people willing to help out financially the less it would cost each of us.  Are any of you willing to help sponsor this integration?

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Sorry I don't really want my rates posted in public. If anyone is interested please PM @xmasnut 

In the mean time the development for this has been added to the queue. Hopefully we can build this at some point anyway.

A basic integration will probably take a couple of days. Stripe is a good alternative so please have a look at that too.

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Sorry, Al.  I was so excited that the cost wouldn't be as high as I expected that it didn't dawn on me that I shouldn't post your rates.  The bottom line here is that funding this development is totally affordable.  If only 2 or 3 of us sponsored this and then used Square rather than Paypal Pro, we'd come out ahead in less than 1 year.


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