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Product options based on prior selected options


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Hello, I am trying to setup a craft store with cubecart 6.1.10. I need to find a way to have product options available only if a product option is selected. 

Example: item is porcelain doll parts, available in "OPTION-1" and "OPTION-2". I need to offer the option to have it painted before shipping but only if they choose OPTION-2.  If they choose OPTION-1 i would like to have the painted option hidden or greyed out so that they can't select it. 

I am using a modified version of Foundation default skin, modified to our colors mostly at the moment. Any other downloaded skins do snow show radio buttons for me. 

Is there a trick to getting this to work or a plugin that is available to make this happen? 

Thanks in advance for your help! 

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There is an extension that will populate a drop-down selector once it's "parent" selector has had a choice selected. (The example situation for which this plugin was created is for selecting car parts. Choose Model, then Make, then Year, etc.)

CubeCart is currently not coded to show/hide/enable options based on prior options.

However, we can explore the Options Matrix Table. We can enable the OPTION option and the PAINTED option for the Matrix table, then somehow inhibit the availability of the OPTION-1/PAINTED and OPTION-1/NOT-PAINTED Matrix choices.

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Awesome, even if i can only have the NO or Not Available option for painted only available i would be fine with that. 

I did see the car Year/Make/Model plugin but wasn't sure if it could be customized to what i am trying to accomplish. I will look into that more. I looked at the Absolute Matrix and wasn't impressed with how it displayed on the store front. 

Ideally i think i would like to be able to have a parent option where depending on the option that is chosen will load a different 'set' of child options. 


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