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Paypal payments not being received

G Dubyah

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I'm using PayPal  Pro & Express Gateway.

I'm not receiving payments through through the payment gateway, the order system is telling me that the payment has been made, but it's not showing in my Paypal account.

Contacted Paypal they are telling me to check the email address on the back end  of my site

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19 hours ago, Al Brookbanks said:

I keep getting an authentication error trying to use that one

19 hours ago, havenswift-hosting said:

So have you done that and are they the same ?

I don't know where to check, I've looked at the plug in and can't see where to enter it

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I find express troublesome in the respect that PayPal can overwrite the order details.

EG, customer purchases using his personal account, but wants his goods delivering to his work address.

PayPal over writes the order with his home delivery address, and you send the goods to the wrong place.

I'd ditch express in favour of the standard gateway if it were me.

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