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Upgrade to 6.1.10 problems


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Just manually upgraded from 6.1.8 to 6.1.10
seemed successful, can access admin via my desktop and notebook but the site is showing "not secure" and no padlock in the address bar but I cannot access my admin page using my Ipad (404 error)
don't know that it makes any difference but  the version is also still showing 6.1.9
The site is functioning ok but something is not right.




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Tried again but no change, didn't get the upgrade option.Restored to 6.1.8 and now I can't access the shop, see screenshot,59bd17eea41c5_shopscreen.PNG.5020d43e7f3bb7215547de31826f23c2.PNG but I can still access the admin.


Ignore access to the shop, I cleared my chrome cache and can now access the shop
I am now back to 6.1.8 but still getting the "not secure" in the address bar?



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Thanks bsmither

I don't know what I have done, my site is no longer accessable, 404 error
My host ( hostgator) is saying something about the SSL  but he could not help me.

"If you have a site with some eCommerce functionality, you would need an SSL attached to the domain. It looks like you do not have one, are you aware of this"

It is something I have done but I don't know what, can I revert back again to a recent backup version and try again, I cannot get the setup to run when I use the 6.1.10 zip files


Should mention, I still have full access to the admin

Can u please try to access my shop, I think it has come back to life




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If you are not getting an upgrade warning on your dashboard have another look at the upgrade tab. If the upgrade was sucessful then it shows further down the list as shown below. If that isn't there then looks like you have had an issue with the upgrade.



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