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add a parameter to end of url


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that makes sense. BUT, CDN's typically only need to cache the larger static objects, such as images/scripts etc, you woudn't want it to cache the HTML in the page for the very reason your saying. so what you really need is to update your store theme, change the URL's to include the CDN prefix/configuration for things like scripts and images and sync with your CDN provider.

At least, that's how it's worked for CDN's I've looked to impliment for other customers earlier this year. You don't want to cache dynamic content

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Would an HTTP Header suffice? That is, whatever your off-site caching application (CDN) looks for to determine if the page is to override standard caching mechanisms?

The trick of adding a querystring to a URL works well to force the web browser to always fetch a fresh copy of a file (CSS, javascript) when making its GET requests. I have no experience with this method affecting the behavior of any intermediate system.


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