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Has anyone got outgoing SMTP connections working with Godaddy and CubeCart?

Al Brookbanks

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14 hours ago, bsandall said:

You need to set the MX entry in cPanel to Local Mail Exchanger and give it up to 24 hours to propagate.

Oh yeah, and you can't use PHPMailer (or at least I haven't been able to and ran out of time/patience trying to get it to work); use PHP's built-in mail() function instead. Good times.

Email routing will automatically be set to "Automatic" or sometimes "Local Mail Exchanger" which in 99.99% of cases will be the same thing.  You only need to set it to Remote if you are using external MX records pointing away from your hosting company which is effectively what Godaddy are forcing you to do by closing email ports.  Some people choose to use gmail or other email service providers, but why should you have to ?

11 hours ago, Al Brookbanks said:

I think Godaddy have outright blocked phpMailer since the recent security issue for PHP mail.

Disabling php mail() is standard practice now for security reasons (WHM built in security advisor flags this as a high security risk if it is enabled !) and SMTP should always be used and configured to use SSL / TLS.  Email sent via SMTP is much more secure, more likely to be delivered and not rejected or put into spam and isnt complicated to use.  So much so, I would recommend that php mail() is removed as an option in CubeCart as it is very likely to disappear as an option in the near future


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