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souse skin

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I am inheriting service on a cart for a customer whose husband passed not long ago. The skin installed is named Souse. here is the relevant part of the config.xml file

	<creator>CubeCart Limited</creator>

Any info would be appreciated, as I have no reference to any documentation, or even compatibility with the currently installed CC-6.1.8 and I hesitate to upgrade to 6.1.10 with an unknown skin installed and shown as only for 6.0.0a thru 6.0.x

Searches in this forum, on the main site, and various search engines have turned no info that I can locate.

Thanks for taking a look, and any input you may have.


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I have not heard of 'Souse'. Google Translate recognizes it as a Haitian Creole word meaning 'suck' or 'sucking'. Does the store you've inherited sell vacuum cleaners?

Not knowing what data would eventually become available from CC6.1.*, I would imagine the compatibility went only to the latest version of the CC6.0 family. I will assert that a CC6.0 skin is fully backward compatible with the CC6.1 family. (As well as will be backward compatible for all of CC6. Even CC5 skins work with the latest version of CC6 - they just do not show the latest data that is made available, and there is an issue with product options.)

Anyway, we can make available a summary of the differences between what data is made available to the skin by the latest version of CC6.1 versus what data was made available by the latest version of CC6.0.

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Maybe the guy made it up and just copied the top part. Who knows. There are some other meanings, mainly made from the heads of animals, head cheese (brain) and nose, tongue, etc.

Not a big deal, if I see any problems, I will do a restore on the full site and switch back to the default foundation skin for updates.

Thanks for the input. We will just put this one down, as I have an issue to explore with authorize.net plug in randomly crashing when an approval comes back from the credit card processor. I can see the error in the error log, but cannot duplicate it as my tests are always returned either approved as supposed to be, or declined when testing with a dead card. I will post in the appropriate area if I can't resolve shortly, so no need to answer here.

Thanks for the input, always nice to see you around the boards.

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