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Changing colours of buttons in CC v6

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Sorry to be a pain again!

I'd like to change the colours of all buttons etc. from blue to #CB5B06. I.e. everything that's blue in the foundation skin, I'd like to change to this colour - including the wording in the footer section.

I need to know what files to edit. Thanks! The site under construction is at


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It is best to override CSS rules that may be difficult, if not impossible to find in the CSS that comes with the Foundation.

So, in the file cubecart.default.css, add:

a {color: #CB5B06;}
a:hover, a:focus {color: #AB3B06;}
button, .button {background-color: #CB5B06; border-color: #AB3B06;}
button:hover, button:focus, .button:hover, .button:focus { background-color: #AB3B06;}


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