"Login As" for Administrator Not Working

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Good afternoon...

So yesterday, I had an eventful day.  Upgraded php, and upgraded CC from v6.1.8 to v6.1.12.  Everything worked great (except I had to do a manual install -- which I'm OK with).

Problem that I have run into now, however... from the Admin Control PanelCustomer List > "Any Customer"... I can no longer "Login as <customer>".  We use this extensively for testing.  We would login as the customer to "see what they are seeing."  However now, when I chose to "Login as" I get the index.php page with the login/register option at the top of the page.  Not logged in as the customer.

Found this in the error_log:  [25-Oct-2017 18:43:02 UTC] PHP Notice:  session_start() [<a href='http://docs.php.net/manual/en/function.session-start.php'>function.session-start.php</a>]: ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(/var/lib/php/sessions) failed: Permission denied (13) in /var/www/html/cubecart/classes/session.class.php on line 660

CAVEAT:  (This just might be coincidental), I did  put the ioncube loader on the server yesterday as well.

Thoughts?  Your assistance, as always, is appreciated.



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Added error_log info

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I have updated 

On 10/25/2017 at 8:06 PM, Al Brookbanks said:

Sorry about this. Replace the session.class.php file from the classes folder of the 6.1.13 branch.

i did this and it did not work for me?  Opens the shop with no-one logged in?


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