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Splash Screen appear once per session


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Hi All,

           I have some html code that will produce a splash screen,but it would show up every time which is not what I require, what I would like to know has anybody modified cubecart so that a splash screen will only appear when first entered and then never again

Hope somebody can point me in the right direction

Best Regards,


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By "never again", just how "never" is "never"?

CubeCart has a "Welcome Tour" for new admins. A flag is set when the tour is taken or when a checkbox is checked in the admin's Profile Details screen. This thing is not based on a session.

I have a plugin that will have customers newly registering to be 'disabled'. They cannot actually login until an admin "approves" them, then they can log in.

This plugin can be modified to throw up a custom splash page, and once read, the customer's status can change to 'enabled'. Once enabled, no more splash page.

But a session-based test is exactly similar to the Captcha situation. Once a customer has solved a captcha, the "session" remembers and no more captcha regardless how many product reviews, Contact Us, orders, etc forms are submitted.

Until the customer logs out and the session is destroyed.

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Hi Brian,

              Thanks for the reply when I talk about never I mean that whether the customer is registered or not as long as they do not leave the store that is leave the browser completely then they only see the splash screen once at the beginning. So for example if somebody entered the store for the first time they would see the splash screen, they then continue to order product and check it out and the they go back to the home page they should not see the splash screen again on returning to the home page. The plugin you mention would work if the customers were always going to be registered unfortunately this is not the case for this client, I think it is more like the captcha situation. Also maybe it could be parameter driven as captcha is

Where do I find the captcha code and can I modify it to do what I want?

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