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Adding custom field to checkout


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Aside from the customer_comments, I need to add an additional field to the checkout page.

I created a new table with zip codes and available delivery dates, I wrote a query that looks for the zip code entered at checkout and creates a dropdown list of all available dates and time frames for that specific zip code.

Now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to add that new field right before the customer comments field.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Thank you!

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Do you plan to allow a customer to checkout as a ghost? Or allow shipping to the non-billing address? That is, during checkout, normally, the customer can change the details of the delivery address. Has this been locked down?

If the customer changes the delivery details, I think the Foundation skin auto-submits an "Update Basket" command and CubeCart will recalculate all the shipping. Hopefully, your code will also be recalculated.

So, ignore the above concern.

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hmmmm no idea.

whatever is easier i guess.  I read through almost all the php pages contained in cubecart but i could not find where to add that additional field.  i believe they are currently allowed to checkout as ghost.  And I don't think it will be a problem to disallow shipping to the non billing address.

Are you interested in doing that work for me?  I don't know how much you charge or if you are even interested in coding something like that, but if you are we can talk :)

Thank you

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I added more to my response above. Please refresh the page.

We can try to solve this on the forums. If, however, you wish to take this to email, that can be done as well.

The template you are looking for is content.checkout.confirm.php near the bottom.

Will the added data be a drop-down selector? If so, we can use the country selector code as the basis for the delivery date code.

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