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Admin panel in plain text


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I haven't used CC for a few months, and during that time we have changed the home site from a custom php application to Wordpress.

I came to log in today to look at using CC again and the admin panel is in plain text. It was on 6.1.5 so I upgraded to 6.1.12 but that hasn't fixed it.

The CC logo is showing as broken, so I looked at the image address, which doesn't look correct (exact URL and admin file names hidden!)


I have another working instance of CC and that doesn't have admin_XXXXXX.php in the address

Any idea how to fix this?

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This part, obviously, is not correct:

Is there a shortcut or some other link that takes you to this address? If so, it will need to be edited.

Please examine the contents of /includes/global.inc.php. Make sure the values there are correct.


The store is in "plain text" because the page's resources links to CSS and javascript files are malformed and are not loaded. This can be caused by bad values in global.inc.php.

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CubeCart is in a subdomain, not a subdirectory, and my development store (in a different subdomain) is working correctly. I am not using a shortcut, just entering the URL in the address bar.

Both copies of global.inc.php are the same, apart from the different admin filenames and DB details, which are correct.



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I've been looking into this some more, and have discovered that the value of $STORE_URL is wrong; it has the admin file name added to the store url.

I have checked the store url in Store Settings and it is correct.

A further bit of digging and I think the value gets assigned in classes\seo.class.php line 710:-

$store_url = (CC_SSL) ? $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'ssl_url') : $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'standard_url');

This is as far as I got with my limited knowledge of php. Can anyone take it from here?

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