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Google Base Feed not including currency in Price

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I have tried to upload a product feed to the Google Merchant Center using the Google Base Product Feed plugin, but it is encountering multiple errors. The main one is related to the currency not being in the price field. I have checked the file and it shows the amount but does not have a currency showing for any of the products. The messages from google related to this are:- "Unsupported currency in attribute: price " and "Invalid or missing required attribute: price".

Is there anything I need to do in my store settings to get the currency to appear in the file?

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There are multiple problems with the standard "Google Base" export routine (which only has CSV export functionality and not xml) which is why we developed our own plugin which is being used very successfully by a number of people - see https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/google-merchant-centre-feed

GMC also requires that product landing pages have valid schema / microdata markup so https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/google-schema-org-microdata-plugin works alongside this.


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Thanks, I am aware of your plugins, they do sound good. I am reasonably confident that the schema is valid for the product pages. I have added some edits to the existing functionality and this appears fine when validating with google.

If the currency is not able to be added to the Base Feed plugin, then I presume that this will not work for anyone as this appears to be a required part of the price field.

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I have edited the admin.product.import.format.php file (in the hooks folder for the plugin) to add the currency and this appears to have the desired result.

In my file it was line 15 :- $fields  = array(...

There was an entry in this array for 'price' I have changed this to 'price currency' and it seems to work.

Now to get to work on the various other errors that google is highlighting!

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