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On the featured product box (Popular Products), is there any way to have this show 3 products instead of just one random product.

At the moment, we have this called Deal of the Week. All products have 'show in featured product' unchecked, apart from one.

This then sits there static.

I'd like to show 3 products.


I assume that any changes would need to be made in catalogue.class, but it's beyond my realms



Mican Skin by the way

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The way the 'Featured Products' section works is that it selects one random product from among all that are marked as featured in the database.

If you set your 3 products as featured, each time the page loads one from among those 3 will be shown.

If you would like to show all 3 at once, that will require editing both the back end (probably category class) and the front end (the skin).

On the back end, just find wherever the featured product is selected and change it to have no limit or a larger limit, and return an array of all the found products.

On the front end, iterate through that array and display them in a column similar to how 'Sales Products' are displayed.

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I had to do something similar to this a while ago. I took the easy way out and created three images for the products that looked the same as the featured products (you can screen print them if you can get them to appear) and I then added an image slider to replace the featured products box.

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We can suppress displaying the Featured/Random box, but then create a new box to show X-number of products that are flagged in some other way.

If this satisfies your requirement, then one of these plugins may suffice:


The location of the output could be changed if desired.

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In the end I went for a simple aproach.

I created a new category but have this hidden from the front page.

In main.php, I removed the 'Featured Product' call, and added in it's place a small amount of html to create a button with hyperlink to the hidden category.

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