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UPS Shipping Extension


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Request Log:

Today, 15:00 	
Request Sent - http://www.ups.com/using/services/rave/qcostcgi.cgi?accept_UPS_license_agreement=yes&10_action=3&13_product=2DA&14_origCountry=US&15_origPostal=02375&19_destPostal=&22_destCountry=US&23_weight=0.6&47_rateChart=Regular%2BDaily%2BPickup&48_container=00&49_r
Response received
UPSOnLine5%Missing ConsigneePostalCode%6830 

Attached a screenshot of the UPS back-end

Admin Control Panel.png

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I think the Consignee is the recipient of the delivery.

So, what may be happening is that for the customer's order, during checkout, and before entering the delivery address info, CubeCart is contacting UPS for a rate request -- estimated at this point.

Now, the latest versions of CubeCart has two options: suppress getting shipping estimates until the delivery address is known, or use the store's physical address as the estimated delivery address.

The first is at admin, Store Settings, Features tab, "Disable initial shipping & tax estimates" is checked.

The second is at admin, Store Settings, General tab, "Zip Code" (or Postal Code). Make sure there is a postal code in this field.

Hopefully choosing either of these options will stop the confusing error message about no shipping methods available.

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How UPS decides what to charge for its shipping services are not precisely known. I suppose generally the rate quoted involves weight and distance.

You say "it worked", but you didn't say which option you chose: supress estimates until actual delivery address known, or show estimates based on shipping the package back to your store's physical location (which, of course, would be way off compared to shipping across the country).

Also, the rates quoted would (presumably) be the same as if you carried the package into a UPS store. This is opposed to having a UPS merchant shipping account, and through that account, enjoy "negotiated rates". Cubecart's UPS module is not coded to communicate for negotiated rates.

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I see. That actually explained a lot to me. For the record, I used the 1st option "Disable initial shipping & tax estimates" and it got me to the screen where I was able to choose a shipping option. That being said after estimating a good handling cost, the prices make much more sense to me now. Thank you again for the assistance!

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