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it is a code that you copy into your website, then facebook keeps track of every one that looks in you website and also keep track of all the sales there is so that you can target the same people

Were can i found the header and the footer. because that is were i need to copy it to.

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The skin is comprised of several template files. You will find them at /skins/name_of_skin/templates.

They are regular HTML files but incorporate template rendering commands - Smarty syntax. They have the filename suffix of .php but they are not PHP scripts.

The file you are wanting is main.php. There is something you must keep in mind if editing a template.

Smarty syntax starts with an open-brace immediately followed by the command or variable name followed immediately by a closing brace. This syntax looks exactly like javascript syntax.

The difference is that javascript can have spaces and newlines between the braces and what is contained within them. Smarty has no whitespace allowed.

So, the easiest way to add javascript to a template and not have Smarty try to interpret it is to do this:


Tell Smarty that between its {literal}{/literal} commands, treat everything inside literally.

That is the easiest but least versatile way to add javascript to a template.

A more versatile way is to create a plugin which allows for custom javascript to appear on the final rendered page depending what that page is showing: viewing a product, searching, registering, checking out, successful purchase, etc.

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for advanced tracking, facebook asks for cubecarts parameters for:


email address

first name

last name


i tried using email first_name last_name, for this but it didnt work.


Also, for the conversions settings, does anyone know the parameter for the conversion value?

as well as how to set up tracking the product code / quantity purchased?

im getting errors such as:

Missing content_type parameter from "Purchase"

Missing content_ids or contents parameter from "Purchase"

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