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Email order shows different prices


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Third order of the day. First two were fine. Received email showing the following prices, which aren't the correct prices shown on the actual order in Cubecart. I can't figure out what happened. Does anyone have any ideas?

Cubecart order shows:

1 x Hallows Eve Key Necklace -  $20.00
1 x Antiquity Necklace -  $12.00
1 x Alice's Rose Pendant Key Necklace - $15.00
Email order shows:
Hallows Eve Key Necklace 1 $28.32
Antiquity Necklace 1 $16.99
Alice's Rose Pendant Key Necklace 1


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All those prices are of an increase of 0.416, or a 41.6% increase - such as a tax, or a money conversion rate.

Did you, perhaps, request new currency exchange rates today?

In admin, Currencies, are there more than one currency enabled? Does USD have an exchange rate of 1.00000?

If so, maybe the suspect customer chose a currency other than the store's default (admin, Store Settings). Thus, what you see in the email is the customer's price (although why a USD currency symbol?), but in admin, you see the product's true local price.

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Thank you so much for your quick reply!

I did not request new currency exchange rates.

But... in Admin, Currencies, I noticed that for the Australian dollar, it has an exchange rate of 1.41596, which is very close to the increase you noticed. Since this is going to Australia, that is probably the correlation. But, we've sold things to Australia before and this has never happened before.

The Australian dollar uses the $ symbol, so that's why the $ symbol in the email?

So, based on what you said, if the customer chooses their local currency in Cubecart, which is different than the store's default, this would happen like this?

If that is correct, then this doesn't require a response from you.

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I really appreciate it.

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"But, we've sold things to Australia before and this has never happened before."

It could be because those customers did not switch the displayed currency to AUD. Thus, we can only assume those customers will have their payments adjusted to their local currency courtesy of their credit card bank's international conversion apparatus.

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