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Will not add shipping cost after catalog mode?


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Hi All,

I switched my install to catalog mode whilst we sorted some things out and now i have put it back to purchase mode
it will not allow shipping to be added at checkout.

Example: Add product, select shipping and update basket and the product is still there with no shipping added.

Can anyone shed any light on the problem?


Thank You :)


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I made a few tests. Unfortunately, I did not do the tests correctly.

But just to verify, in your experience with this, was the customer logged in or not?

When you choose a shipping method, other than the one currently showing (defaults to cheapest), the javascript on this page is supposed to auto-submit the View Basket form.

You shouldn't need to click the "Update Basket" button when selecting the shipping method.

May we have a web address to check this out?

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I have switched it to catalog and back with no resolve, i have also removed all shipping extensions and re installed them also with no resolve.
I can't think what could have happened, only switched it to catalog mode for a short time and nothing modified between or since :S


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I have added something to the shopping basket and was taken to view the basket contents (?_a=basket). I am not logged in, so I get estimated shipping and taxes as applicable.

At the "Your Shopping Basket" page (not yet at Checkout), I see the two choices of shipping: "Collect and Mini Standard". The placement of the radio button selector is not where I am used to seeing the shipping choices.

Currently, 'Collect' is chosen (the cheapest), and when I select the other, nothing happens. I believe this to be a a problem, but not the problem.

The choice of shipping does get POSTed when the Update Basket is clicked. It seems that CubeCart does not switch to using that choice.

(Your initial post suggests that the problem is that the shipping selector does not appear. That is not the case for me. The shipping defaults to 'Collect" at zero-cost.)

To go further, I would like to discuss troubleshooting via email.

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According to the code, clicking the Update Basket button will re-verify the items in the cart, and apply any discounts awarded by a coupon token entered on the form. That page is then sent back out. Shipping is not dealt with.

Any other reason the form was submitted, including a change of shipping, if a coupon is to be added or removed, that is handled and that page is then sent back out. Shipping is not dealt with.

Only with an auto-submitted form caused by a change in the choice of shipping is when a change in shipping is dealt with.

So, I think we need to figure out how to get the radio buttons to auto-submit the form.

"I switched my install to catalog mode whilst we sorted some things out."

Could it be that the things that got sorted was to implement radio buttons for shipping choices?

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