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skin modification - all in one shipping (RESOLVED)


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I've wrestled with this for a few days now and have surrendered!

I'm developing a new site on V6 foundation and using the All in one shipping module.

I would like to amend the description of this in the shopping basket and order summary, as it could be interpreted as implying that the order is completed in a single delivery, which in rare occasions is not the case.

Attached are a couple of screenshots that illustrate  my area of interest and I need to know where I need to be looking to amend "All in one shipping" to simply "Shipping"

Thanks in advance.





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This is what I did:



In Admin - Store Settings - Features  Check "Disable Shipping Groups"


in admin/skins/default/templates/orders.index.php

Line 207-209 and 305-307:   Comment out shipping method  (it would have shown All in One Shipping)

<!--  <div><label for="sum_ship_method">{$LANG.orders.shipping_method}</label><span><input type="text" id="sum_ship_method" name="summary[ship_method]" placeholder="{$LANG.orders.shipping_method_eg}" value="{$SUMMARY.ship_method}" class="textbox"></span></div> -->




Line 87 - 89 Comment out Shipping Method

Removes the Shipping Method from packing slip - would have shown All in One Shipping



And Brian gave me this:



When a customer pays with PayPal Express Checkout it shows Postage: All in One Shipping. Anyway to show shipping_product instead of shipping_method (if that is what it is using)?

Thanks for all help,



In the code for the PayPal_Pro-1.0.8 Plugin, please find in the file website_payments_pro.class.php, near lines 269 and 442:




'L_PAYMENTREQUEST_0_NAME'.$i => 'Postage: '.$this->_basket['shipping']['name'],


'L_PAYMENTREQUEST_0_NAME'.$i => 'Postage: '. ((!empty($this->_basket['shipping']['product'])) ? $this->_basket['shipping']['product'] : $this->_basket['shipping']['name']),


There is no way I can test this, so be careful.

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Thanks Claudia - this worked - sort of.

It certainly works for removing the AIOS references in the dropdown box and the invoices, but to solve the problem posed in the second image I had to edit content.receipt.php, line 100. 

         <td colspan="2"></td>
         <td>Shipping - ({$SUM.ship_product})<!--{if !empty($SUM.ship_method)}{$SUM.ship_method|replace:'_':' '}{if !empty($SUM.ship_product)} ({$SUM.ship_product}){/if}{else}{$LANG.basket.shipping}{/if}--></td>
         <td class="text-right">{$SUM.shipping}</td>

Which gave me this.....


Thank you for your contrinution - it was greatly appreciated.


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Sorry, I forgot to add the conversation I had with Brian.  You may not need this, but here it is.

I was able to do this in other versions of CC6 but not in 6.15.   I want ALL wording of All in One Shipping removed from every part of my website including emails.  For the most part I have done this - except for the Order History page .. Pending, etc..  It shows like this now: (I want the USPS: priority to show as that is my name in AIOS.  I want the All in One Shipping removed).  I have disabled shipping groups.  Thanks in advance for any help.


The database table CubeCart_order_summary collects two pieces of data about the shipping: the 'ship_method' and the 'ship_product'.


The 'ship_method' contains the name of the folder of the shipping module, or the name of the 'class' in the module's shipping.class.php file. In my database table, I see variances of these names having underscores, and some having spaces instead of underscores.


The 'ship_product' has the value entered in the module's Name field, if present.


The All in One Shipping module has on its Zone tabs, a Method name, which is what I see as being used as 'ship_product'.


The "Order History" page? This would be in admin, having clicked the Edit icon of an order, giving the Order Summary screens? Then, on the History tab, there is no mention of the shipping module used.


However, on the Overview and Delivery tabs, there is a Shipping Information block of data. The Shipping Method is listed here as is the Shipping Product.


From the Customer's perspective, their Account pages have an Order History list. Clicking View Details of an order shows the shipping that was used. The skin templates content.receipt.php and print.receipt.php have the following:


<td>{if !empty($order.ship_method)}{$order.ship_method|replace:'_':' '}{if !empty($order.ship_product)} ({$order.ship_product}){/if}{else}{$LANG.basket.shipping}{/if}</td>


Change to:


<td>{if !empty($order.ship_product)}{$order.ship_product}{else}{$LANG.basket.shipping}{/if}</td>


 That worked for the print.receipt but for the

content.receipt it needs to be this:

 <td>{if !empty($SUM.ship_product)}{$SUM.ship_product}{else}{$LANG.basket.shipping}{/if}</td>


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