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Hi, Just installed the Canada Post extension, set it all up, made sure all my products have weights, size, etc. Now when testing the checkout process I have discovered that there is an error saying my product is too heavy or can't be shipped to country... wtf?? |Has this happened to anyone else? I only ship to Canada, so my default postal code(shipping) and countries is all set in the extension...did I miss something somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Unfortunately, this error message is so mostly off the mark as to be useless.

It means that of all the shipping modules you have enabled for your store, when CubeCart asked each one to provide shipping rates, each one replied with an error (or said they had no shipping rates available based on the data supplied).

With regards to CanadaPost, the common problem with eCommerce installations is that the server where they run have a firewall that is not configured to allow the module to pass outgoing traffic through port 30000. You will need to consult with your hosting provider.

(We will need to confirm CanadaPost still has this method of rate request operational. I recall there being some notice about it.)

Look in CubeCart's admin, Request Log to learn of the request and response made to CanadaPost.

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Upon further investigation...I uninstalled the extension...it seems to be a cart issue, as I get the same error even without the extension installed...I've asked my website hosting company about it and am awaiting a reply

This is what I get///Greek to me...please explain...


Today, 10:47
Request Sent - http://sellonline.canadapost.ca/<eparcel> <language>en</language> <ratesAndServicesRequest> <merchantCPCID>0008650666</merchantCPCID> <fromPostalCode>T0E 2A0</fromPostalCode> <itemsPrice>40.00</itemsPrice> <lineItems> <item> <quantity>1</quantity> <weight>0.35</weight> <length>10</length> <width>5</width> <height>10</height> <description>Online Order</description> </item> </lineItems> <city></city> <provOrState>Alberta</provOrState> <country>CA</country> <postalCode>T0E 2A0</postalCode> </ratesAndServicesRequest> </eparcel>
Response received<?xml version="1.0" ?> <!DOCTYPE eparcel [ <!ELEMENT eparcel (error)> <!ELEMENT error (statusCode,statusMessage*, requestID)> <!ELEMENT statusCode (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT statusMessage (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT requestID (#PCDATA)> ]> <eparcel> <error> <statusCode>-2001</statusCode> <statusMessage>Merchant CPC Id not found on server. </statusMessage> <requestID>42829427</requestID> </error> </eparcel> <!--END_OF_EPARCEL-->
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I read the response as saying an ID Code number of "0008650666" is not a valid number. You may need to apply for an account to use their online Rate calculator (if you haven't done so already).

The error message may also show if there are no shipping modules that are installed/enabled.

This number seems to be a 10-digit Canada Post Venture One number. As such, the next step is:

* Request a CPC ID: To use Canada Post Sell Online, you'll need a CPC account. To obtain one, send an email to [email protected] requesting a CPC ID. Include the following information in the email:

Company Name
10 digit Venture One ID number
Contact name
Phone number

* Wait for Email Reply: Once your registration is complete, you will receive a CPC ID to access Sell Online.

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