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Hi, Today I noticed a prob while I was filling an order.
The problem is coordinating the order invoice produced by Cube cart with Paypal. CC calculates the invoice total price with product price plus a USPS calculated shipping per weight and by destination. This is good. Then the PayPal Braintree module takes that total price of product plus shipping and adds another shipping charge for a different total price. For example; In one order I am looking at, a $22.95 product creates a $16.82 shipping cost in CC plus a PayPal shipping charge of $7.95 for a grand total shipping charge of $24.77

I did not see anything in the PayPal Module itself, so I suspect that it has to do with the actual PayPal account itself. I was just wondering if anyone had any insight into this particular situation because the forums here have really proven themselves useful. Thanks.

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So I have more development on this, but still no solution. See below a few screenshots of what I am talking about. We have the UPS module in place calculating shipping. 5a3d48646b3f2_DefensiveTacticalProductsTraining.png.37e650a7796b8baad3fccafa14ba0b4a.png

When you click on "Checkout" it takes you to Paypal and an "Air Service" charge gets added to it.

So after doing some digging, I found this response from Paypal.

Not 100% sure I know what it means but here are my Paypal module settings.
BTW, what is "Email address override"? It is not listed in the help file for the module.

The reason I bring it up like this is that I do not have any shipping methods set up in PayPal itself. When I open the shipping settings, I am greeted with the initial "Get Started" wizard. So this has to be on the CubeCart side.

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(Disclaimer: I really have no ideas about PayPal.)

Please consider working through the "wizard" for the Shipping Calculations. The wizard may show already established values - not to imply that nothing has previously been set up.

The image suggests that "Air Service" has been set up. So, stepping through the wizrd may show that setup, as well as the "override" switch.

The "Email address override" may have something to do with there being a difference between the "PayPal Primary Email Address" and the email address that PayPal actually knows you by. The test for these addresses being the same or different simply puts a note in CubeCart's transaction log, "Recipient account didn't match specified PayPal account." Maybe a multi-store but single PayPal account situation?

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