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DB problem or is it ?


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    I recently upgraded a  store (6.1.11 to 6.1.13) which is now using PHP Version 7.0.26, it is running well, taking orders and nothing bad showing in the logs.

But I recently looked in the 'database maintenance' section and see the following for many of the tables, any ideas -



Thanks in Advance - Chris.


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That is highlighting missing or incorrect keys on tables within your database- while it generally won’t cause any serious issues, performing MySQL operations on tables, especially if they are large, will be much slower without indexes.  There is only upside to adding them - there is a thread on these forums where I already explained in detail how to correct these.  You should check this after each upgrade as new indexes are being added all of the time


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This is just my opinion, but hey...

CubeCart's Maintenance section contains functionality that should not be without warning to the admin. Similar in concept to Firefox browser's "about:config" tossing up an interstitial page requesting that you acknowledge the information and settings shown here is not for the ignorant.

Anyway, what you see is commentary about the database schema versus CubeCart's "best practices" ruleset. Specifically, if the changes to the schema were made from what is implied in the commentary, there would (should) not be any time wasted getting results from an un-optimized database.

The argument is that un-optimized databases, such as not having the correct or missing indexes, causes time to be wasted getting results back from the database.

While this is true, contextually, if you have the database server all to yourself on a small store, the difference between 50 and 100 milliseconds isn't a difference at all. On the other hand, a shared database server running near capacity may have a difference of many seconds.

In the next (or next after) version of CubeCart, there may be a function that will have CubeCart fix on-demand what it suggests.

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it depends on the "Key" missing,. if it's a primary key (which I suspect) then it's something that must be fixed ASAP. using something like PHPMYADMIN to review the indexes on the DB tables in the errors and report back with what indexes / primary keys you have defined.

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