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Customer registration problem

Paul 0'Reilly

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I am using  CC 6 > customers are having trouble registering their address.

Address field is asking for 'County' not 'States' which is what is needed for Australia.

I need address field to display 'States'

I have checked that CC language is set a US English.

Any help / fixes most welcome! Thanks

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When I view the Register page, I have "Cell Phone" as opposed to "Mobile". When I put something in the acrt, and go to index.php?_a=checkout, I have "State" under Country (Australia).

That just leaves adding an address to the Addressbook for a logged in customer.

I would like to ask that you confirm with your customer as to which flag that they see at the top of the browser page.

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Hello,  thanks for your quick response...

The Flag atop register page is now USA.

I assume that's why you are seeing cell phone not 'mobile' - which is also preferred description in Australia

Client and I both believe previously this lang. flag was always  UK .

 It was only changed very recently when they kept on encountering address field issu:e " County" as opposed to "States"
which is descriptor for Australia, as in: NSW, WA, VIC, QLD

Should we change language back to UK english?

It seems that the registration problem is random, in that many customers' register fine, and others can't.

Love to get things back working

Your most most appreciated



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A first time visitor to the site will get the store default language which is English (USA) which gives you the State as opposed to County that English (UK) would give you BUT it will also use Cell Phone rather than the Mobile that you need.  Your best bet would be to create an English (Aus) version and change everything that you want to be different, use that as the default which would be more natural I expect for the majority of the site visitors - it could even be submitted back to the marketplace !


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