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Ordering Problems


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We just had a lot of orders stuck at Pending today... And here's a message from another would-be customer:

Hi, I have been trying to order a blu-ray for a few days now on your website, but whenever I try to register and attempt to fill in my details the keypad briefly appears then disappears before I can fill in my details. Is there something you can do to correct this?

Any suggestions?



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More info from customer:

I put the item in my basket update the p&p, then highlight the register and as I click on to enter my details, the keypad appears and disappears instantly, Leaving me unable to enter my details.

Seen by Mark Humphreys at 16:14It doesn't happen when I enter the title to search for an item.

He's on a Samsung Galaxy.

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Does the "mobile" skin work with properly Cubecart 6? Could this be the problem?

And, a system error:

File: [user.class.php] Line: [795] "INSERT INTO `CubeCart_customer` (`title`,`first_name`,`last_name`,`email`,`phone`,`mobile`,`password`,`pw`,`registered`,`ip_address`,`language`) VALUES ('','name','name','[email protected]','0032478767063','0032478767063','9f7d4602e5fd4238dbef67b2c58dfb6c387f6b6da6a855b3bece98a29cd864e78c8255f7741196277dfd3e57d84f1b7405f30f0febd0bd2b74cbe2675d7137a8','44a937f1','1516720751','','en-GB');" - Duplicate entry '[email protected]' for key 'email'

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This error may happen (although it shouldn't because CubeCart checks) if the skin does not make ajax requests as the customer enters their email address which is to check for duplicates.

Even so, when attempting to register a customer, either at the registration screen or when checking out as a 'guest', CubeCart is suppose to query the database o see if the email address exists. The database table has a UNIQUE flag set against this table column, so the database server will complain if a record is being inserted that has a value in this column that already exists.

The Mobile skin works with CC6, but does not show all the capabilities that the latest version of CubeCart code can provide.

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This may explain what may be happening:

This explanation suggests that when the keyboard slides into view, the responsive page somehow informs the web browser that the viewport has changed. This then causes the responsiveness to re-arrange the page layout. In so doing, the browser dismisses the keyboard.

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