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Coupon Code issue


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A good customer called this morning and pointed an issue on the website. So, by default the store calculates Tax before checkout. This customer tried to put in a negative $$ value of the tax in the coupon code box. Say $23 in the coupon section. This brought him a discount from an existing coupon from 2 yrs back (which was still active) and gave him a big discount. The displayed coupon is a Alphanumeric coupon and not sure how entering 23 into the coupon code invoked that coupon??

How do we fix this? Not sure if just entering a random numeric number by the customer brings out previous coupons or even current ones. 


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Do you know exactly what was entered?

I am trying various illegal sequences of characters and not able to replicate.

If you wish, send a PM with the exact code of the coupon that CubeCart eventually awarded to the order.

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I reported my findings to CubeCart. The problem is related to a few other situations. In those situations, the code has been beefed up. But the underlying problem was not attended to - maybe because it was feared that that fix would break a lot of other things.

Send me a PM with the code of the coupon that came up. And you say that '23' is the trigger?

I am being intentionally circumspect because I have not yet proven that this situation is benign.


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