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Authorize.net (AIM & SIM)

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Short answer -- no.

The way I see it, this change involves what Authorize.net sends back as the Response - in particular, a response field that the CubeCart module does not use -  having made a transaction against what was submitted. The CubeCart module Authorize does not use response verification.


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bsmither, Thank you for your quick response. I am well into developing a store for a client and want to head off any problems before it goes live. BTW, I am really enjoying working with CubeCart! Very impressive and well thought out script. I spent a whole lot of time checking out hosted and self hosted carts and I am glad I found CC.

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Any plans for an updated free or paid authorize.net payment module? According to the Auth.net Website SIM and AIM are on death row...


We will soon announce an end of life timeline for SIM, so we encourage you to upgrade your SIM solutions to use Accept Hosted.

Authorize.Net Accept Hosted is a mobile-optimized, PCI DSS SAQ-A compliant solution for accepting payments. Accept Hosted is a replacement for SIM with many advantages, including the freedom to accept payments while reducing PCI scope and development efforts.


Something to think about and could prevent panic and hassle down the road.

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