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Unless something has changed in very recent versions of CC6, then, technically, this skin does work in CC6. It's just that all the new features that CC6 provides to the skins will not be usable (which this situation is generally applicable to all CC5 skins).

For any mobile skin (e.g., Mobile) to be recognized and usable by CC6, CC6 needs to have a skin that does not declare itself as 'responsive', such as the Kurouto skin, set as default in Store Settings. When such is set, then CC6 will/should allow for the admin to specify which installed mobile skin to use when CubeCart detects a "mobile" browser User Agent string.

(I have not seen any changes to the code to show me that the function to detect a mobile User Agent string has been removed. But I will check again.)

If CC6 has set a default skin that does declare itself as 'responsive', such as Foundation, then all mobile skin configuration and usage is inhibited.

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It seems that CubeCart 6.2.0 has implemented a change that allows for having selected a default skin that is 'responsive' while also allowing for choosing an installed mobile skin to be set for a default mobile (instead of disallowing this setting).

This change happened because, prior to this change, if a visitor chose to see a non-responsive skin (Kurouto, for example), and the admin allows for the visitor to change the storefront skin, then the mobile skin would not be used.


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