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See How many time a product us viewed

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Hello All

Made a little mod for the admin/inventory.php file

When you view your inventory it will add a column that will show you how many times that product was viewed, The popularity. You can event sort it by it Popularity :)

Here it is:

*Remeber Back up files before changing them*

Open Your admin/inventory.php file

Find This around the 220's line:

<option value=\"price\" ";if($order==price){echo "selected";}echo">$la_normal_price_p</option>

Put Under it on next line This:

<option value=\"popularity\" ";if($order==popularity){echo "selected";}echo">$la_style_pop</option>


Find This around the 320's line:

<td align=\"center\" height=\"20\" background=\"../images/bevel_bg.gif\" nowrap><b>$la_sale_price</b></td>

Put Under it on next line This:

<td align=\"center\" height=\"20\" background=\"../images/bevel_bg.gif\" nowrap><b>$la_times_viewed</b></td>


Find This around the 340's line:

$sale_price = ($row["sale_price"]);

Put Under it on next line This:

$popular = $row["popularity"];


Find This Around the 380's line:

print("<font color=\"#990000\">$sale_price</font></td>");}

Put Under it on next line This:

print("<td align='center'>$popular</td>");

save & close

Then open Your english.inc or what ever lang file you use

You need to give value to the word $la_times_viewed

Find were your inventory.php words are and put this in that section

$la_times_viewed = "Times Viewed";

You can change the word "Times Viewed" To what ever you want at the of that coloum to say.

save & close

Open your admin/view_product.php

Find This Around the 50's line:

$description = $row["description"];

Put Under it on next line This:

$popular = $row["popularity"];


Find This Around the 70's line:

<tr bgcolor=\"$colour_3\">

    <td width=\"200\" valign=\"top\"><b>$la_description</b></td>

    <td width=\"400\" valign=\"top\">$description</td>


Put Under it on next line This:

<tr bgcolor=\"$colour_3\">

    <td width=\"200\" valign=\"top\"><b>$la_style_pop</b></td>

    <td width=\"400\" valign=\"top\">$popular</td>


save and close

Upload admin/inventory.php, admin/view_product.php, and what ever lang file you edited

Then check It Out and try sorting by Popularity and click view on any item:w00t:

Hope Someone can use this!! :dizzy:

Any problems just let me know

More MODS To come

Best Regards,

Bill AKA wildbill

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