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Google Adwords Tracker

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Is anyone using this successfully? Does anyone have advice or experience with this?  How useful is it?  What exactly does it do and not do?  Does it help to track sales or just page visits?  If it tracks sales, then does it work for all gateways?

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I've updated cubecart to latest version 6.2.6 and PHP version to 7.3 , since than experiencing issue with google adwords tracker

Google_Adwords/hooks/class.gui.javascripts.php:37 - Function create_function() is deprecated

Can anyone help me with this, is not recording my conversions for my adwords campaigns.


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I don't really understand any of this stuff. I have had it all setup for years - Analytics, Merchant Center, Google My Business, Webmaster Tools, and Adwords. But I can't honestly say it's been very useful other than to take my money for Adwords. I even tried not advertising at all for a while, so I can say Google ads DO get us some business. Enough to justify the expense is a question I have never been able to answer.

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did you ever find out what is supposed to go on the Event Send To line of this plugin?

Update:  'send_to': 'AW-106nnnnnnn/K_-QCMrvlt4BEJSnasfsD'  got this bit when created the Ad words account.  Still does not appear to register sales conversions though?

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