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Language files in plugins - Some tips required


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I am trying my hand at a wee plug-in.  I have been tracking actual shipping costs in my 4.3.4 site and I want the same capability in 6.1.  I have a report that lists shipping variances (the difference between shipping charged and shipping paid) so I can confirm that the shipping algorithms are tracking reality.  I also export some CSV files that create the credit card purchases and payments in the accounting system  that pay for over-the-counter shipping charges.  Saves quite a bit of accounting time.

Rather than dump myself into the vat of boiling oil that is un-upgradable software (again), I have decided to do it as a plug-in.  Build some character, learn new tricks, that kind of thing.

I did the obvious thing which is to pay a pound for that splendid worked example, Semper Fi's ever faithful product dimensions mod.

I have created (in the COBOL sense of cloned and changed) a new plug-in.  The admin page is up, and it looks fine in its limited way.

However I noticed that although my plug-in is listed in the Settings - Languages - EN_UK drop-down list, there are no texts listed, whereas they exist for the Product Dimensions plug-in.

My texts are definitely used by my page  - I can change them in the XML file and the changes appear on the page after a refresh.

What is required to register the texts with the language maintenance tool?

Thanks for your help,


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"I noticed that although my plug-in is listed in the Settings - Languages - EN_UK drop-down list, there are no texts listed."

When you clicked on the Edit icon for English (UK) from the admin, Languages list, CubeCart should have created a separate en-GB.xml file for every extension that didn't already have one (that is, unless I've done something really weird with my installation).

Having your module appear in the Phrase Group drop-down is automatic. Selecting that module should auto-submit the form so that the next screen shows the language keys and those phrases for the language being edited.

So, please determine if the form is being auto-submitted when your module is getting selected from the drop-down.

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