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Shipping module parcel dimensions

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Question: Does CubeCart really assume that each store has exactly one size of parcel for each shipping channel?

Corollary: Is there really no way to provide a shipping method with actual dimensions other than by modification of the code?

From inspection of a variety of postage interfaces for version 6, it seems all still assume a single size of box. Use of any other dimensions means hacking the interfaces  because they do not contain any hooks.

Parcel volume is essential when there is air travel or couriers involved, or when large, light objects (like foam iceboxes) are send by post and the postal service invokes volume pricing.  Getting these wrong results in under-charging and potentially significant profit reductions.

Tell me it is not so...

If not, I feel an enhancement request coming on...


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An enhancement is necessary.

Although there are mods that:

* allows each product to have its shipping dimensions databased
* a mod that (supposedly) allows for a number of products to fill a box, then to start another box if necessary.

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