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Amazon style step-by-step checkout


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I recently made a rare purchase from Amazon.  I also recently made a rare decision to upgrade from CC 4 to CC 6.

CC 6 is beautiful.  I love it.  Except the checkout process.  Everything is there but it is monolithic.

The Amazon approach is phased across multiple pages approximately as follows:

  • Review cart
  • Enter billing address
  • Optionally enter delivery address
  • Select shipping options
  • Enter payment information
  • Review summarized information with option to change everything
  • Commit

CubeCart has all this, but it is on just two pages, one of which is optional:

  • View Cart
  • Check-out

I believe Smarty will allow something more like the Amazon solution merely by changing the template

Is there an existing template that already has something like this?

My vision is:

  • Review Cart (always) - including shipping quote according the current solution (with adjustments noted elsewhere)
    • This gets us the country and postcode from which we derive the region
    • And it completes the shipping method solution so we have a finalised order right here, on one clean, simple and beautiful page.
  • Provide billing address
    • there is a "Back to Basket/Cart" button
    • there is an "I want to deliver to a different address" button
    • there is a "Check out" button
  • Optionally provide delivery address
    • there is a "Back to billing address" button
    • there is a "Back to Basket/Cart" button
    • There is a "Check out" button
  • Check out
    • Start with "Would you like to save these details for next time?"
      • If so, enter passwords
      • Saving details for next time is a statement of customer benefit.
      • Create an account sounds like something that benefits us.
      • The benefits are clearly listed
        • You wont have to enter address details next time.
        • You can save multiple billing and delivery addresses
        • You can see your order history
        • You can reprint receipts and invoices any time
        • You can create and park an order, then review it and pay later
    • Then solicit permission to send newsletters
    • Then select payment method or offer to park the order.
    • All three sections have large clear headings.
  • Summary
    • List the cart, shipping information, account status (including username) payment method
    • Buttons or links to revise any part of the order
    • Buy or Park for later payment:
      • Park is useful if the customer is having card trouble, or if they need to query the shipping price.
      • It is also useful for us if the shipping solutions do not deliver, in which case, park is the only option.
      • And it may be useful in other circumstances, for example where we have agreed to adjust the order in some way before payment.
      • I use it for international shipments, because the price is heavily dependent on packed dimensions:
        • Customer creates and parks order (I currently use the Direct bank deposit option for this, but it is somewhat misleading for the customer and requires explanation .)
        • Ideally, at this point, the store sends an order confirmation.
        • I work out the actual parcel size and weight, get a quote, adjust the shipping cost, notify the customer with instructions on how to find the parked order.
        • Ideally, at this point, the store sends a notification of payment pending, with instructions.
        • Customer chooses to proceed, logs in, pays.
        • I ship.


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Most of the skins available on the marketplace use Foundation as a base, so I imagine they all use a similar process, my own (a butchered version of clean skin) certainly does.

I'm sure it's possible to do, just would require skin modification.


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