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Image resize problem with Kurouto skin

Martin Verkerk

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Afther make the update from version 6.1.13 to 6.1.14 with the Kurouto skin I have the follow problem, by one of my clients.

Whe you double clik on the source image inthe product page, the image go not to BIG image. The image stay by the same and become to blue collor.

The Kurouto skin is the version 1.0.3.

I have this problem solved for this moment, to replace the JS map with the version from v. 6.1.13.

So there is a JS diffence between v 6.1.13 and v. 6.1.14.

Can you look about it and fixed for the version 6.1.15?

With kind regards,

Martin Verkerk

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CubeCart 6114 did update the jquery plugin "Colorbox". See: /js/plugins/jquery.colorbox-min.js (from v1.3.18 to v1.6.4).

I have not yet determined why the ability to click on the magnified image no longer works. Clicking on the small images next to the main image still works.

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