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Not a bug but ? think it also should be added to email templates by default or included in marcos (bare min) to stop a failure point 

Hey Mr B / Al

didn't know to put here or GHub

Question : in print.receipt.php from templates line 124 you have this line of code (at bottom)- this gets shown on check out and when customer wants to print a  copy

The only other place this is shown is in orders summary in back end, i think least it would be good if added to the email template marco's so if someone wanted to 

add it  to a template would be good  eg: Customer Comments: {$DATA.customer_comments} I think - the least of the scenarios that should be available 

The emails that go to the Store owner and customer DON'T have this info on those emails,  so if a mistake was made, it's never picked up.

We send every other piece of info of the sale, why not the comments by default 

The average joe store owner does not even have to code to add if they wanted it to the templates,  it's not even listed into the available marco's

So i know your answer:

but it is in the order summary & print receipt "yes it is" but only if the store owner/customer checks it and i would not write this if it never happened - i have 4 stores i look after

3 of the store are managed of emails only and do not log into back end - it works 

If an order is placed and a store owner goes of an email were customer puts wrong info in "but, puts special instructions in the comment section", nether customer or store owner never ever gets to see the comments from that time on down the chain, I think if a email was going out it least should have it in by default. it covers both side of the coin 

 <div class="small-12 columns"><h3>{$LANG.common.comments}</h3> &quot;{$order.customer_comments}&quot;</div>


Thanks Guys


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