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cannot logon as admin on WAMP

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I have installed WAMPSERVER 3.1.0 with Cubecart 6.1.14

After install, I cannot logon as ADMIN. System is running on LOCALHOST.

The website works.

I clicked on forgot password, enetered the details and got the following error message:

incorrect details, please try again.

Is there a config error in PHP somewhere?

Thank ypu




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If your'e not aware, from about 6.1.2 admin became obfuscated, so it's no longer admin, but contains some random carachters, and ollowed by .php

Something along the lines admingGtHxc.php

Take a look in the root folder, see what the admin file is called.

Make sure this filename is reflected in global.inc.php, along with the correct admin folder name.


You may also have to use https://

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I have checked.

What happens is, I install Cubecart from the setup dir. Once install is complete,

You get the complete setup screen with a link to the admin page and a link to the cart.

The cart link works, the admin link works, but when I attempt to login with the credentials as specified during setup,

the screen just pops back to the logon screen.

Thank you


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Please take a read of this conversation. It may be related.


You will be editing the /includes/global.inc.php file by adding specific values to where CubeCart thinks it is at (with respect to being out on the interwebs).

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