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Foundation skin on mobile, quantity field not visible

Nicholas Hill

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When using foundation skin on mobile device, view product. No field to enter purchase quantity.

If the product has a minimum quantity set to greater than 1, then there is no apparent way for the shopper to add the product to the basket since the (hidden) default value is 1.

Tested on mobile Chrome, and webkit android 4.4.4

(Update- original link moved to MOQ1 please test with this new link)


It is fine on desktop view, since the quantity field is visible and can be changed.



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It's not a bug, it's designed that way.

I guess the idea is that mobile users would find it easier to edit quantity at the checkout, most larger retailers use this method (eg.Amazon), I'm not a super big fan of the feature, but it is efficient. 

You can modify the skin to make it show, it kinda displays bad though.

in Foundation/templates/element.product.call_to_action.php


   <div class="medium-2 columns show-for-medium-up">
           	<input type="text" name="quantity" value="1" maxlength="6" class="quantity required text-center">
     		<input type="hidden" name="add" value="{$PRODUCT.product_id}">


remove "show-for-medium-up".




Screenshot from 2018-04-04 13-30-04.png

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Can you confirm that you can add the product to the basket if an MOQ >1 is set, when using a mobile platform?

Because the user needs to be able to add it to the basket in the first place to be able to adjust quantity at checkout.


Incidentally, I maintain other Cubecart sites, and the logs are showing the majority of cubecart users are on a mobile platform.

Ideally, the quantity would be shown, and be set to MOQ at product page load.

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