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Java script in product description?

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I am trying to add a java script inside the description area of my product.  This script allows customers to see what names the CDs are available in and listen to how the name sounds to make sure it sounds right.  The script is externally hosted so I cannot really change the script.  When clicking the "play" button, instead of playing the sample it is trying to add the product to the cart.  How can I fix this? 



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Not having executed any of the javascript, I would have to assume the content that is brought in by the <script> that follows the <div id="name_player"> has a <form> tag.

If so, the resultant code of the whole page would then have a nested <form> block. That nesting will cause trouble.

You could try enclosing the player code in an <iframe> block.

Or, you can try moving the closing </form> tag in the content.product.php template to just above the <hr> that separates the gallery from the product details.

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