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I had posted to an existing thread last week. Today I submitted an order in the system on behalf of my customer. the result received from Authorize.net is 4|1|253

bSmither had given us a fix for 1.3 version and then Al had updated to 1.4 with fixes. Since then, the behavior is not as expected. Please see screenshot attached. It shows order received but still still on the credit card form page. 

How can we mimic the same behavior as 1|1|1 for 4|1|253 

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 1.22.29 PM.png

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You are wanting the post-transaction process for a "To Review" result to seem to be equal to a successful transaction result.

Please try this:

In Authorize's gateway.class.php, near line 219:


if($status=='Approved') {


if( in_array($results[0], array(1,4)) ) {


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Thanks BSmither, 

Yes, we want it to be the same behavior as a successful transaction . Will add this line of code and check what shakes out. The "To Review" is really a Credit Card status for the merchant. To the user/purchaser the order has been received. If the merchant goes to the Fraud Detection Suite and sees that its a questionable transaction, then the merchant can always cancel the order.

The problem is more to do with the user still sitting on the credit card input page.

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