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CubeCart GDPR New Data protection Law any issues?


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Are there any issues with cubecart regarding the new Data Protection law coming in May GDPR?

i use PayPal  Standard payment gateway on one store CubeCart 6.17

and  PayPal Braintree on Cubecart 6.1.13 on a new one i am working on

Will we all need to update to 6.2 for any reason?

sorry to ask maybe a stupid question but thought i should ask as i don't know thanks for any reply's in advance.


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What's annoying is, after everyone has jumped up and down, panicked, made lots of changes and shoved lots of paper about, it will all blow over.

Unscrupulous companies will still sell dodgy mailing lists, spammers and phishers will still spam and phish.

I've no doubt that the EU will have to change some of the rules to satisfy SME's at some point.


I had a customer today asking for his details to be removed, which transpired was nothing to do with GDPR, but the fact that he's no longer trading.

However, because of GDPR, this made me think twice about protecting his data. What if it was someone else pretending to be him.

By removing the data, I wouldn't neccessarily be protecting it. !!!


Can you tell that I'm peed off with it already. . 🙂

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The millennium bug never happened because people either bought new equipment or did something like what I did at school. I reset the server clock to 1972?? (I think - same calendar days as 2001) and removed all instances where the year showed to the users. We limped along for quite a few more years on that old system.

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HI there

I wandered how i can change the wording of the standard Cube Cart Cookie Policy to my own wording? I cannot see this in the admin area. I don't really want to change the core files, as when i update in future it will disappear. Am i being blind? I also want to change the wording of the checkbox in the checkout of 'I agree to the Terms & Conditions'. Any help would be most appreciated.



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I'm taking advice from BSmither reagrding having T&C's compulsary during the checkout process.

It's proving to a bit tricky, but hopefully getting somewhere.

Maybe you might want to keep an eye on that thread.

Regarding a Privacy Policy, you can copy mine and take from it what you need.


As a small company, we can't afford the services of a legal team to dot every I and cross every T, so I can't vouch for it's legality.


However, this was handed to me by a GDPR practitioner, so i'm confident that it should satisfy.

In the general discussion side of the forum is a thread about GDPR, it would be nice to get other peoples views and interpretations of GDPR..

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if your referring to Keats cookies policy on his website hopefully he will not mind me posting this
i was just reading it :)
Our Use of Cookies

Using cookies is a convenient technique for having the browser remember some specific information, ie items in your shopping cart.

You can choose to disable these cookies and still browse the site, however, the site will not function as intended. You will need to enter the same information repeatedly and you may find the contents of your basket has emptied. The help information in your browser software should provide you with instruction on how to deal with cookies.

Cookies may be categorized as "session" or "persistent" cookies. "Session" cookies are temporary cookies that are used to maintain context or "state" between otherwise stateless Web transactions (e.g., to maintain a "shopping basket" of goods selected during a single logical session at a site) and that must be deleted at the end of the web session in which they are created.

"Persistent" cookies remain over time and can be used for a variety of purposes. eg: To maintain contents of your cart, to track a user's access over time and across websites, or to establish user preferences.

This Website may use both session and persistent cookies.

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i only have PayPal standard gateway on one store and the new store i have Braintree PayPal gateway, all payments are taken through PayPal none are handled by ourselves, is there anything i need to add to your privacy policy to point it towards PayPal's policy?

No customer details have ever been passed on to any 3rd party, we only keep the information the customer enters in name address email telephone and what they purchased, and then we print off the paid invoice to keep hard copy for accountant a very small operation really.

thanks for heads up

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