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Minification js/css

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MrB and Big Al

As we did our own theme and these are from b4 v6.2 (6.12)(we are on 6.2 now )

i get that i cant join some together as they need to load in a certain order 

couple Q's 

have they been changed now the 6.2 is up and running ? do i need to update any? (store is working ok )

Can I recompress to get better savings ( i know in not gaining a lot but i get some thing)

Can any be added to another ?  just curious


forgot a Q

if im not running box slider do i need it ?

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There are two parts to what CC620 is doing to the skin templates.

1. Squeezing/Combining all CSS files into one file, Squeezing/Combining all JS files into one file, and
2. Squeezing the HTML

1. There is a new Smarty function, {combine}, but if your skin templates do not employ that function, then the HTML delivered to your browser will still have all the numerous <link>s to the various css and js page resources.

2. Squeezing the HTML will happen to all skins.

By "squeezing', I mean that all comments and unnecessary whitespace is stripped, inline CSS declarations are rewritten to their smallest syntax, etc.

No, you do not need the BXSlider javascript file if you do run a BXSlider. Be sure to remove the initialization script for it near the bottom of the main.php template.

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