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Hers a good one for you MrB

Ok i have a customer that does not want all email sent to him 

When a sale has been entered 

1st email is an order (Order Received)

2nd email is confirmation of payment (unless POF is used) (Order Confirmation)

the customer does not want to receive NO1 the first email (Order Received) is there any way of just stopping that being triggered to send 

he just wants the Order Confirmation email

prob is he dont want to manage from back end he wants to just do it of emails



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I been thinking 

MrB are there hooks that we can tap into so we can send deferent emails from the OR and OC

one email address  for one (OR)  and a 2nd email address for the other (OC)?


Mr Noodleman 

Booyar sorry that just popped up 

did you do as a plugin?

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