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PayPal Standard Payment Gateway

The Error codes that this hands back some times in the trans logs were do they get generated from pay pals end ?

the payments all go through ok i just dont like errors 

Payment successful. 
Address: confirmed
Payer Status: verified Recipient account didn't match specified PayPal account.

ive searched there api error list and cant find it 




Close question 

i worked it out

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PayPal is sending these messages, according to the code at /modules/gateway/PayPal/gateway.class.php, near lines 179 and 237.

Line 179 gets logged in the order's notes when PayPal sends a "Completed" response for "payment_status". This phrase ends with "Payer Status: verified".

Line 237, then adds more to the order's notes (an array, which gets printed according to HTML syntax rules, meaning array elements get printed all on one line unless broken by a line break tag <br>). This phrase is "Recipient account didn't match specified PayPal account." and is added when your merchant PayPal account's email address does not match what you said it was in CubeCart's PayPal module settings page.

So, if you know about this discrepancy, then there is nothing to worry about. Otherwise, a wrong email address at one of these two places, CubeCart's module or your merchant account settings, may indicate something that needs to be examined.

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