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Braintree Payment Gateway


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Paypal Pro & Express is working well enough for me but I see Braintree is recommended for countries that can us it.

Is there any documentation to setting this up on Cubecart?  I've a clean install of CC & the Braintree module was a snap to install with the token & I've filled in the form & been approved but I can't see how to get it working.

My users see this:



Instead of this:


I don't know how the initial Braintree checkout screen should look like when viewing the cart but with Paypal pro they get this



I b

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Please use your browser's diagnostic panels to view what, if any, stylings and javascript have been applied to this page.

Where did the image of the correct Make Payment screen come from? Another installation using Kurouto? Or Foundation?

Because you are using Kurouto on CC620, this may be the case where a CSS style sheet is not getting loaded.

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