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Users can't submit reviews

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I am running the latest 6.2.1 from github..

reviews are activated and can be created using the admin account.

But when a user writes a review and click "submit" nothing happens.. no message appear at the user side and no review will be shown in admin -view.

I know that it's a bug which depends on settings and not on cubecart files itself as I set up a 2nd instance with the same version, there reviews are working as they should.


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Welcome internationalsecurityprovi! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

Submitting a review requires that the visitor pass the reCaptcha test. Recaptcha can be switched off.

But if switched on, it will either be "reCaptcha V2" or "Invisible". (I do not know how "Invisible" works.)

Either way, you need your own "Keys" from Google to use it.

So, if reCaptcha is enabled, but you don't have the keys installed, or the keys do not match the full URL, the reCaptcha test may not show, and clicking Submit will not happen - possibly with no error message.

If this is the case, it is not a bug.

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Having trouble with Reviews using 6.2.6. As long as I turn off Recaptcha the review goes through. With Invisible Recaptcha enabled the submit button does not work. I attempted to comment out the link to the recaptcha file and that part of the submit button code, but it still throws a Verification Error warning.

So I have Reviews turned off until this is resolved.

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