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Restoring From A Backup


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ISSUE RESOLVED - see final posts.


I've created a backup and got a file called "database_full_6.0.12_mravico_shop_10May18-212618.sql.zip" which shows in my Admin panel, and I have downloaded. I tried to do a manual upgrade to the latest version (v6.2.0 from a zip file I'd downloaded) and it didn't go right.

My site is now inaccessible and I can't get the backup restored. I've tried various things around the Backup / Restore function in CubeCart Admin panel as well as cPanel - no luck.

Help! Thanks...

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issue resolved
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6 hours ago, bsmither said:

You can still get into the administration part of your site? But there is no storefront?


...and @havenswift-hosting. Thanks to you both for responding.

Correct on both counts. Storefront returns HTTP ERROR 500.

I only got as far as uploading new version files in the "admin" folder and associated child folders - specifically only those child folders which are in the CubeCart-6.2.0.zip file I downloaded.

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Added more info.
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So the upgrade is from 6.0.12 to 6.2.0?

And you say you only updated the /admin/ folder and below?

Be aware that the admin code uses many parts of the /classes/, /includes/, /controllers/, and /language/ folder contents.

We are aware of many 500 errors that result from a mismatch between what the admin code gives as parameters to functions in the /includes/functions.inc.php file and what those functions expected as parameters then vs. now.

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@bsmither Replies in order of your statements.


Yes, and specifically only the folders under admin which appear in the upgrade zip file.

Definitely didn't touch those.

OK, but given reply immediately above I don't believe that's a cause.

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Additional info. I tried restoring the files manually one by one (Is there a quicker way?), results below. It was past midnight so there's a good chance of mistakes. Comments and sub-folders relate to parent folder shop/admin


/fonts - all files at v6.2.0

/images and /images/rating - all files at v6.2.0

/js - all files manually restored to previous file except dropzone.js, couldn't find a previous version

/js/plugins - all files manually restored to previous file except jquery.magnifier.min.js and jquery.rating.min.js, couldn't find a previous version

/js/styles - some files manually restored. Those not: jquery.chosen.min.css, jquery.joyride-2.1.min.css, jquery.magnifier.min.css, jquery.password.min.css, jquery.rating.min.css, jquery.ui-1.11.2.min.css, styles.php

/js/styles/images - all files at v6.2.0

/styles - all restored except dropzone.css at v6.2.0

/templates - mostly restored, except customers.gdpr.php, customers.index.php, documents.email.php, documents.invoice.php, filemanager.index.php, login.php, modules.zones-disabled.php, orders.index.php, orders.transactions.php, products.export.php, products.importing.php, products.optionsets.php, settings.requestlog.php and statistics.emaillog.php

/sources/ - files not restored, still at v6.2.0 are customers.gdpr.inc.php, documents.invoice.inc.php, statistics.emaillog.inc.php

As stated above, it's quite possible there's mistakes in an as much as overlooked restoring some files or uploaded them to the wrong place. Hope this helps.

Error log from a few minutes ago... Exceeds max total size 0.15Mb. Share link Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=143GBEYMoTU9R78yWOCPVqSWRw6jbuU35

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Well, lately:
PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method GUI::display() in /home/mravico/public_html/shop/index.php

This is a mismatch in the CubeCart version of the index.php file - making a call to $GLOBALS['gui']->display() - and /classes/gui.class.php not having the function display().


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You cannot just upgrade the files in the Admin directory (which seems to be what you have said you have done).

Try following https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/228/43/how-do-i-upgrade-from-cubecart-v6-to-latest-v6 by uploading all files from the distribution zip file and then running setup


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@havenswift-hosting Hi Ian. Yes, I have uploaded the files to the Admin directory - and I did that because of the step "2. Download the latest CubeCart v6 archive, extract it and upload the files and folders over your existing files replacing all existing ones." in the link you provided, which I found and followed. It doesn't describe how to do this, so I did this using a tool and following a process which made sense to me. Q: How is this done properly?

I think I either didn't see (at 11.30pm) or properly understand step 4. Which makes more sense at 7.15pm... But I still need to know how to do step 2 properly.


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When the instructions in Step 2 say "extract it and upload the files and folders", what it actually means is (and I used cPanel to do this):

  • Upload the ZIP file to your "shop" (or equivalent) directory, the root where all other files and folders are stored under
  • Once the file is uploaded, select it and click on the "Extract" function - follow the prompts

I was inspired to try this having found this post:

Repeating here in case it's of use to others who find the upgrade instructions a bit lacking in detail.

Thank you to @bsmither and @havenswift-hosting for your time and responses.

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While it is faster to upload the zip file and then extract after it has completed, you then need to add the additional steps of ensuring that (if you already have a renamed /admin_xxxxxx directory and admin_yyyyyy.php file), these need to be renamed as you will have a /admin directory and admin.php file from the zip extract and you will end up with multiple copies of both and mixed versions of files as so many on here have done.

You also of course still need to run the /setup AFTER completing the rename


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