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;Seo urls duplicated links problem.Having many products with same name

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Hi,my store was just upgraded from v5 and I have problems with seo urls.I have many products with same name/title and just need to add automatical some unique code to seo url link so every product with same name has it´s unique seo url,just probably add at end product code or Product ID.Can anybody please help with it ? I would like to avoid having to do it manually.Thanks advance for any help or advise.Thank you DK

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I get only errors
We could not locate the item you are trying to view
when trying to visit link you gave me.Maybe link is working for you,but not for me.

Can you please provide me link to posts how to fix seo urls and add product code/category to it ? I am a bit confused,first link in message I clicked returned error,now I see,it goes to my post.I searched all posts regardings seo urls problems,but hard to find the one I need.Thank you.David

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Sorry Al,you are right,I was reading all answers in my other email client and I thought you enclosed me link...I see now it was just link to my post.

Anyway,I think the way how seo is made is not good,I believe often peoples have products with same name in same categories and in this case seo urls are multiplicated.It would be good to add some etra config option in admin,for example add to url product code,etc.Best regards David

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