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Hi Coders!

I am in the need of a couple of modifications.

The website concerned is http://www.firstchoicemobility.com 

  1. I currently have a large dropdown menu that works fine apart from when the web browser is resized. the text then gathers up on the left hand side. Apparently this is because the coding used (Isotope) for the menu should not be used like that so there is no fix. So I would like a new menu created the same without the browser resizing issue.
  2. The ability to print off or save a PDF of a product page (I have a sample of what i would like the layout to look like)
  3. The ability to re-order images to display on the product page in the order i wish. 

Please contact me if you are able to carry one or all of the modifications.

Thank You Gary

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Hi Vidmarc,

Cheers will take a look at the link above and let you know if it does what i need.

Will take a look at the menu and see.

Thanks for the advice

Regards Gary

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